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Cranberry knows there are thousands of tools out there and it is not possible to stock or know them all. We have compiled lists of what we believe are quality "tools of the trade".  We have been using these tools for a long time and every Cranberry Crew member has their "go-to" favourites. 


In fact, there are several items that we suggest you purchase at your local hardware or building supply store because it could save you money that could be put towards buying a tool that we strongly reccommend as industry-specific. You might get a chuckle with some of our suggestions.


Don't hesitate to Contact Us if there is something you don't see. We can special order items if we do not have them in our inventory.


"A great way to collect tools when you are starting out is to tell everyone in your family or anyone who is stumped  when trying to buy you gifts, that you have started doing stained glass and you would love a specific tool or piece of equipment!"


"Cranberry Gift Cards make a nice presents too!"

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