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Spectrum Glass By Oceanside Glass Tile

Oceanside has streamlined their selection. They decided to make almost all their glass within their product line fusing "compatible". There are lots of changes and some retired glasses. 

Click on the links for more information:

Video News Release from July 13/2018

Upcoming Production: Oceanside Compatible.

Oceanside Non-Fusible Art Glass

Retired Glass Products

Wissmach 96

Cranberry is expecting a full line of fusing glass by Wissmach. At the moment Cranberry has 42 colours on the way!


Wissmach 96 is made for glass fusing and kiln forming. Special care is taken to avoid devitrification and all their glass is tested to fire with any other glass that is labeled COE 96.

The Paul Wissmach Company

Cranberry has a few favorites in the Wissmach line up...English Muffle is always popular.

Kokomo Opalescent Glass

Since 1888 they have continually produced the highest quality art glass at our original location. Explore the rich heritage and long standing tradition of Kokomo Opalescent Glass.


Cranberry stocks some Kokomo Glass.

Youghiogheny COE 96

Coming soon!

Youghiogheny Glass

Youghiogheny Glass is world renowned in the artist community for its uncompromising quality and colour artistry, designed to recreate the magnificance of nature's pallet.


Cranberry stocks some Stipple, sold buy the 1/2 sheet or whole sheet. The other choices are special order by the sheet.

Other Brands Available to Cranberry

Sorry folks! We can't carry it all but sometimes we can get some of these glasses by special order!
Chroma Blown Antique Glass From Poland
St. Just Blown Antique Glass
Fremont Blown Antique, Flashed
Van Gogh
GNA-Schott German Antique (just colourless for the forseeable future)
St. Gobain, colourless textures
Pilkington, architectural colourless textures
 and a few more.

CBS Dichroic Glass

The coating process is completed in a vacuum deposition chamber by vaporizing quartz and metal oxides with an electron beam gun and condensing micro thin layers on the surface of the glass in the form of a crystal structure. This coating that we commonly call Dichroic glass today, is actually an “interference filter” permanently adhered to the surface of a piece of glass.


Cranberry stocks 8oz, mixed clear and mixed black scrap packages (COE 96).  Special orders are welcome for anything else.

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