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Note: There are many more tools throughout the whole catalogue that are cross over tools into Fusing.


#CSGSSFJ Cranberry's own, Glass Fusing Journal Contains a project index, a note as to the benefits why you want to use and keep a Fusing Journal, 34 numbered Journal Log Pages, lots of room for sketches, and a coupon to put toward a Cranberry Rental Mold. Nice sturdy construction. $20 CDN including taxes.

Thinfire, Shelf Paper #48225

#48225 Thinfire Shelf Paper Thin shelf paper for fusing. Stands up to full fusing without charring. A heat resistant, lightweight ceramic impregnated paper, which provides an excellent separation between the kiln shelf and the glass in kiln firing applications up to 1600 degrees F. Imparts a fine matte texture to fused glass pieces. 20.5x20.5" sheet or roll

Photo Fuse

#49901 Photo Fusing Decal Paper. High quality photo fusing decal paper packaged in 10 sheet/zip-locked plastic bag packages. It includes foolproof instructions with FAQ’s, an approved printer list and troubleshooting tips.

Spectrum Glaze Paint Pens

Get your colour on with easy to use Liquid Enamel Pens for fusing on glass! Fires at 1300-1550F Compatible with all glass Lead free Non-toxic Dinnerware safe Dishwasher proof Colours are inter-mixable Can be waterdowned to behave like watercolours 13 colours in stock Made in Canada!

Slumping Forms

Slumping Forms. Random selection available at Cranberry. Stay tuned, I hope to improve upon our offerings soon. Stainless Steel and Bisque forms.

Welding Gloves

Welding Gloves: Heat Resistant. Work around hot kilns, furnaces and torches without burning fingers and hands. Constantly handle materials 500 degrees F (260 degrees C) or less. Not recommended for constant handling above 500 degrees F. Glove withstands accidental contact with flame or solid hot objects up to 1200 degrees F. Light duty only. Other gloves for higher temps are available. These ones are more like glorified oven mitts!

Contemporary Fused Glass #67053

#67053 Contemporary Fused Glass by Brad Walker. Walker. Extensively revised and expanded! Contemporary Fused Glass is 30 percent larger than Contemporary Warm Glass, with an even better tutorial and with expanded sections on inclusions, surface techniques, pattern bars, high temperature firing, and more. Lori highly recommends this one!

Delux Painting Kit #74019

#74019 Deluxe Traditional Painting Kit The only glass painting kit available which contains everything a beginning glass painter needs. All the tools and supplies were selected for both entry level and professional use. Complete with instructions. Reusche Kits, enamels, and separate painting items available as well.

High Temp Wire #450424

#450424 High Temp Wire General purpose wire remains strong in extreme heat of kiln firings and withstands high temperatures for long periods. 10 ft. (3m) long. 24 or 17 gauge wire.

Screen Melt Set #42202

#42202 Screen Melt 12" x 12" Square. Turning your scrap glass into gorgeous kiln melts just got a whole lot easier. Screen Melt Sets include the stainless steel melt screen and stainless steel holder and screen. Place it in the kiln, pile scrap glass onto the screen, and fire your melt. Available in various sizes, round and square.

Frit Maker #15350

#15350 Frit Maker Make an assortment of frit and powder from scrap glass. Heavy duty all steel glass crusher, a two piece mortar and pestle will produce a batch of frit in 20 to 30 seconds. The crushed glass makes a full assortment of frit from powder to coarse. Accessory Frit Sorter/Sifter 15351 will sort out the crushed batch into 4 sizes from 5.20mm to .20 powder. It affords the opportunity to re-crush the larger frit to smaller sizes if desired.

Primo Primer #48230

#48230 Primo Primer Reputed to be the best available! Announcing a breakthrough in kiln shelf priming. Hotline Primo Primer fires to 1550 degrees F (843 degrees C) and higher. Glass does not stick to the shelf. Primer does not stick to the glass. It removes from shelf after firing by brushing or by wiping with a damp sponge. No more tedious and messy scraping. Packed in easy access plastic containers. 5 lbs.

Kaik Brush #4818

#4818 Haik Brush 3" (60mm) wide. Careful application is necessary for the effectiveness of shelf primer. Confirmed by quality tests, the Haik Brush from China is excellent for applying slow, even and continuous strokes to molds and shelves.

Kiln Posts #4807

#4807 Kiln Posts Mullite Kiln Posts are available in different sizes for maximum flexibility in kiln loading. Buy them in sets of 3 at a minimum for balancing. Range: 1X1X1" to 1.5X1.5X6"

Papyros Kiln Paper #48227

#48227 Papyros Kiln Paper PAPYROS™ Kiln Shelf Paper is a ceramic-based paper specially formulated for glass fusing. When placed between the kiln shelf and the underside of a glass project, PAPYROS prevents the glass from sticking to the shelf during firing. Because of its sturdy composition, PAPYROS provides excellent glass/kiln shelf separation on the first use, and frequently even in subsequent firings. sheets and rolls (special order) Material Safety Sheet available upon request

Boron Nitride #489450

#489450 Boron Nitride Mold Release Boron Nitride Spray Coating is a high temperature release agent and lubricant which prevents metallic objects from sticking to glass. The handy aerosol container affords easy and smooth application. Air or oven dry. Removes easily after use. ORM-D. Material Safety Data Sheet available upon request.

Frit Sifter #15351

#15351 Frit Sifter Pays for itself using scrap glass to make frit! A four piece sifter set. Each individual sifter has a different mesh. Sifters nest with the largest mesh screen on top and progressively smaller screens follow to the bottom. Scrap glass is crushed with the mortar and pestle Frit Maker 15350. Produces frit from coarse (5.2mm) to powder (.20mm). If more small frit is required, the coarse sizes may be recrushed.

Flexible Diamond Hand Pads #27605

#27605 Flexible Diamond Hand Pads A general purpose metal bond (wet or dry) hand pad for abrading glass. The ideal hand size allows for the finishing of surface shapes and areas. 70, 120, 220,400 & 600 grit. sold separately.

Castalot #15420

#15420 Castalot Mold mix Fast setting mold material for glass slumping, fusing, or kiln casting. Refirable 10X full fuse. 50 slumps. Excellent Surface quality Simple and easy to use. Quick setting 5lb and 25lb available

If you have questions or don't see what you are looking for let us know.

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