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#HFX601 Temperature Control Soldering Iron Next generation of temperature controlled soldering irons from Hakko. Ideal for all your stained glass soldering applications, from small decorative projects to large window panes. Temp. Range: 464 to 1004 F. Adjustable control Ceramic heating element. Fast thermal recovery. Lightweight & Slender handpiece. 6ft power cord. Replacements are available for purchase. CSA approved.

H633-01 Iron Stand

#H633-01/P Hakko Soldering Iron Stand with Non Abrasive Brass Coils. Handy time-saver—never needs wetting. Made of temperature resistant materials with a non-skid base. It holds many kinds of soldering irons. 3.31" x 7.28" (84 x 80 x 185mm). Weighs 1.23 lbs. (560g). Fits Hakko Irons: Cat. Nos. 231060 & 2315.

TAP Wheel Pistol Grip Glass Cutter

# 2012 TAP Wheel Pistol Grip Glass Cutters. These ergonomically correct cutters utilize a unique wheel and axle capable of producing a deeper score improving edge quality and breakout. Assorted colours. Use with Glass Cutter Oil. Replacement parts are available for purchase separately.

Novacan Cutter Oil

#5020 Novacan Cutter Oil 8 fl. oz. (237ml) bottle For use in oil fed glass cutters and we suggest as a little extra lubricant for use with any dry circle cutters. Material Safety Data Sheet available upon request.

60/40 Solder

#2302601 60/40 Solder 60 percent tin, 40 percent lead solder. 1/8" wire. Melting point of 374 degrees F (190 degrees C). Primarily for either foil and solder or lead came methods in stained glass. 1 lb. spool. Made in Canada!

Novacan Flux

#50280 Novacan Old Masters Flux For Stained Glass. Developed for the stained glass industry. This liquid flux performs well. Material Safety Data Sheet available upon request.

Flux & Multipurpose Brush

#2452 Flux Brush Self explanatory. We use Flush brushes for almost all our chemicals applications from Flux to patinas. They are pretty inexpensive. Buy them by the dozen and rinse them out with water after every use. They will last a long time.

Steel Running Pliers

#2225 Steel Running Pliers 8" (203mm) long. All steel, with 1" (25mm) jaw. Plastic coated on handle. Adjustable limit screw prevents crushing. High visibility handle. More reliable and last longer than the less expensive other plastic running pliers. Replaceable running tips grip available for purchase separately.

Grozing Pliers/Breakers

#22210 Grozing Pliers/Breakers 6" (152mm) long. Grozer with curved jaw. Accurate grozing in tight areas. Highly visible red/orange plastic handle grips.

Glastar G12 SuperstarII Grinder

#2740G72 Glastar G12 Superstar Grinder The perfect grinder for the artist or hobbyist. The Super Star II is equipped with a powerful motor that eliminates the frustration of working with glass by refusing to slow down when grinding. The strength of the motor combined with our permanently bonded grinding head team up to help glass artists create their work accurately and efficiently. Middle of the road model that usually does the job. CSA approved.

Eye Shield

# 2741ESP Eye Shield Always protect your vision! A framework fixture that supports a sheet of clear glass or plexiglass (not furnished, but we will give you a piece of glass anyway!). A necessity unless your grinder comes with one.

Edging Stone

# 2461 Edging Stone Grind off your edges the old fashioned way! Stone for edging glass. 10" x 1-5/16" x 3/4" (254 x 33 x 19mm). Aluminum oxide. Always use with water. Cheaper alternative to a grinder but a lot more elbow grease required.

Cork Backed Straight Edged Ruler.

#2076 Cork Back Straight Edge Ruler. Calibrated aluminum 1" x 1/16" (25 x 1.6mm) thick with non-slip cork backing. 18" (457mm). Cork/Rubber Strip (9170). Non-skid backing for straight edges and squares. Imperial measurements.

Sharpie Marke

Sharpie markers are the best markers for marking on glass. Buy them anywhere. Pick up a few black, and a couple of silver for marking on dark coloured glass. Also, when you are out, pick up some 0000 Steel Wool. It takes maker off better than "mother's spit"!

Foil Pattern Shears

#2306F Foil Pattern Shears. Triple blade action cuts enough wiggle room off your paper pattern to allow for foil and solder in your panel without growth! For Lead Came: 2306L

Copper Foil

Copper foils in various widths: 3/16, 7/32 and 1/4 inch. Black, Silver or copper backed. Venture and Edco brands available.

Nylon Burnisher

#2553 Nylon Burnisher Handy nylon tool. Ideal for burnishing copper foil onto pieces of glass.

Hakko Tip Cleaner

#HSF100-01/P Hakko, Soldering Tip cleaning Paste. Rejuvenates oxidized soldering iron tips and helps restore them back to useful life. Removes oxidation, re-tins the tip, is lead-free, does not contain Diammonium Phosphate and is a safe alternative to Sal Ammoniac. Material Safety Data Sheet available upon request.

CJ's Flux Remover

#50410 CJ's Flux Remover Thoroughly removes residue from all types of flux. Prevents the oxidation crust from improper cleaning of lead and solder. Allows copper patina to work properly, creating a bright, shiny finish and makes clean-up quick and easy. 8 oz Material Safety Data Sheet available upon request.

Novacan Patinas

#50230 Superbright Copper Patina - An excellent copper patina for use with solder. #50240 Black Patina for solder & Lead -Deep, rich black patina for lead and solder applications. #50250 Black Patina for Zinc -Rich black patina developed especially for zinc applications.(I have never been particularly thrilled with the results.) 8oz bottles. Material Safety Data Sheet available upon request.

Liva Finishing Compound

#50935 Liva Finishing Compound/Polish 12 fl. oz. Tested in our lab with excellent results. Specifically designed to clean and polish stained glass projects. Apply LIVA polish to glass, lead, zinc, brass, copper and solder - raw or patinated. LIVA Polish creates a lustrous shine, prevents oxidation of metals, and protects projects against harmful UV rays. Restores shine to most tarnished finishes. ORMD Material Safety Data Sheet available upon request. .

Safety Glasses

#24620 Safety Glasses An absolute must have! Dark plastic frames with clear scratch-resistant plastic lenses and side shield. Adjustable length side temple bows. Meets ANSIZ87.1-1989 specifications for safety. You can purchase something similar locally just about everywhere.


#5060 Whiting A finely ground, naturally occurring Calcium Carbonate, 98% pure. Balance of components, silica or magnesium. As used in better grade glazing compounds or for cleanup after glazing. Material Safety Data Sheet available upon request.

Fid or Lathkin

#2404 Plastic tool used generally with lead came. It helps open channels and can be used to push putty around.

Cascade Lead Knife

Cascade Lead Knife Used for cutting lead came. These knives are made of stainless steel and can be sharpened. They also have a lead end that can be used to hammer your lead nails.

Lead Dykes

#21225 Lead Dykes 6-1/4" long (159mm) high quality lead dyke with spring-loaded feature which reduces chances of distorting and crushing lead during cutting. Secure plastic hand grips.

Lead Vise

#25101 Lead Vise Spring-loaded vise made of die cast aluminum. Serrated. Spring keeps the arm down on the lead so it will not pull free. The only vise made in the USA.

Zinc Channel

All profiles: U, H, Y and in various widths. See our "Section" for more information from Cascade Metals. Made in Canada.


Cascade Lead Came. All profiles available. Flat H, Round H, Round U, capped, Colonial, just to list a few. See our "Services section for more information from Cascade Metals. Made in Canada.

Glazier's Hammer #2200

#2200 Glazier's Hammer Specially designed for the glazing industry. One head is rubber for use on glass. The opposite head is hard plastic for use on lead or nails.

If you have questions or you don't see something, just ask!

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