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Grinder Polisher #279402

#279402 Horizontal Grinder Polisher Great for making bevels. Cold working. Special order item only. Drop shipment to your door.


#2800PG01 Morton Portable Glass Shop Comes with an audio CD, a reversible squaring fence, an extra squaring block, three glass stops, fast angle fixtures, a Glass Shop ruler and more! Make squares, diamonds, trapezoids and many other geometric shapes. Great online tutorials by Morton Glass. One of Lori's favorites. Grid bases sold separately.

Taurus III Ring Saw 289601

#289601 Taurus III Ring Saw The perfect saw for cutting glass. The entire working part of the saw snaps out of the water bath and contains its own water so that it can be used as a portable hand saw. This allows working on the edges of the pieces that were before too large to bring to the saw such as plate glass, tile and stone. This feature also makes the saw easy to clean.

Zinc & Came Saw 2825

#2825 Gryphon Came Saw GRYPHON CAME SAW Small, yet powerful metal came or re-bar cut-off saw. Reinforced fiberglass abrasive blade (5-5.8" diameter) makes easy work of cutting any metal used in art glass crafting. Cuts brass, zinc, copper and steel up to 3/4" (19mm) square. Heavy-duty motor head is in fixed position. Guide fence rotates right or left to 45 degrees from a 90 degree position. Constructed of high impact plastic. Replacement blades sold separately.

Bender contentonly.aspx

#2231 Came Bender The forming rolls have three shapes combined on one set of rollers. Roll “U” channels as well as “H” shapes all on the same set of rollers. Designed for zinc materials. Roller should be lubricated as used. Aluminum frame screws onto a work bench. Forming rolls are 2-1/2" (63mm) in diameter.


Dremel Tool Get one anywhere they sell tools. One of the handiest tools going. Engraving to cutting metal.

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