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New items tend to added as they come in. Be sure to scroll all the way through!

12. Striped Bowl Mold

$10.00 per week

11" Dia. x 2.5" H
This 11" striped bowl mold has a beautiful rim that will make your glass project awesome.


13. Large Ripple Bowl

$10.00 per week

12.25" Dia. x 3" H

Suggested Uses for Mold: Decorative Dinnerware Set


14. Round Rim Serving Bowl Mold

$8.00 per week

14.25" Dia. x 3" H
Suggested Uses for Mold: Serving Dish, Decorative Platter


15. Ripple Drape Mold

$5.00 per week

Flower Slump

Dimensions: 7.5″dia. x 3.5″t


16. 3 Section Jumper Mold

$7.00 per week

13.5" L x 5.25" W x 2" H

Suggested Uses for Mold: Party Dip Tray, Votive Holder


17. Slim Display Tray Mold

$6.00 per week

10.75" L x 4.75" W x 1.5" H
Suggested Uses for Mold: Candle Holder, Sushi Plate, Trinket Tray


18. Glass Weaving Forms

$0.75 per week each

Mesmerizing woven glass! Impossible? No...Pick three complimentary colors of fusible, compatible glass. Two of the colors will be used to create the long woven strips of glass and one of the colors will be used as the shorter pieces of glass to be placed in the channel created by the bent pieces of glass. Click on the picture and follow the tutorial instructions.

Variety of sizes available. Mix and match your own combinations! Rented by the piece.


19. Egg Tray Slump

$10.00 per week

Egg Tray Mold

13.5" Dia. x 1" H


110. Square Egg Tray

$10.00 per week

11" L x 10.75" W x 1.25" H

Suggested Uses for Mold: Egg Tray Party Platter


111. Square Slumper

$10.00 per week


Square Slumper    12-1/4 x 1-1/2"  (311 x 38mm)

Bullseye Mold 008637-MOLD-M

112. 11" Square Slump Plate

$6.50 per week

11" Square Slump Plate.     (279 x 279mm)

113. Swirley Bottle Slumper

$7.00 per week

Swirl texture wine bottle slump 17"


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