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Our biggest concern is the exchange rate for the Canadian versus the US dollar. As most of you know, there is no glass made in Canada and most supplies come from the States. Cranberry uses wholesalers in both countries; though, the Canadian ones have no option but to get their products from the States. There is no escaping or circumventing the darn thing! Luckily all our lead and solder products are manufactured in Canada and we buy them from a Canadian supplier.


Needless-to-say, prices have jumped and, as much as we would like to apologize for them, we cannot. Please keep in mind that if you order directly from the US, you will have to pay credit card exchange rate prices, shipping, HST, brokerage, and sometimes duty on your order. This often amounts to more than the cost of your initial order. Please keep in mind that purchasing from Cranberry will be cheaper than buying directly yourself because we have more buying power, larger orders and those additional costs are absorbed at a lower rate overall. As well, Cranberry is able to navigate the ins and outs of ORMD (chemical transport) restrictions that might tie you up in red tape.


In an effort to keep costs down, Cranberry does try to place larger "truck" orders twice a year with a few minor orders as required. We make every effort to let you know when we are doing that so you can make special requests. Customer service, something Cranberry takes very seriously, is a value that should not be overlooked.


Notifications will be posted in our Monthly Newslettter (sign-up at the bottom of the page), Facebook, and possibly somewhere on this website if we can find a place to tuck it in.

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