You Saw It On a &*%# Site???

That got your attention!

There are so many reasons why artists don't want their work photographed by unauthorized snap shot enthusiasts.

  1. We want control of our product photos. We only want the best possible pictures to be shown of our work.

  2. We want control over where our photos are posted. We don't want them showing up on inappropriate social media sights or other places.

  3. Our work is not usually intended to be someone’s “Gag”. Purchase the product causing such an impulse and do the gag for real. Even artists love a great laugh!

  4. It usually takes artists a long time and a lot of expense to come up with a successful execution of process and concept of the presented product. For someone to take a photo so they can copy it themselves is just disrespectful. We are happy to inspire...but you have to work it out yourself.

Opps… My bad! (I hate that expression!)

It is very awkward for a gallery or shop attendant when they catch someone taking an unauthorized photo of someone’s work. They are only two outcomes, an embarrassed customer whose intention was purely innocent and didn’t realize it was disrespectful. They are apologetic and delete any photos they took right in front of the attendant as proof!