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Is Stained Glass Restoration Required?

Cranberry has put together a series of questions to help guide you through the process of determining if it is time to call in the professionals for a restoration assessment of your stained glass windows. Please feel free to contact Cranberry if you need assistance.

  • Are the windows flimsy to the touch?

  • Does the glass move in or out when gently pressed?

  • Do they sag inward or bulge outward? Or both?!

  • Are there saddle bars supporting sections of the glass at regular intervals? Are they still securely attached to the window by wire ties and embedded in the window frame? Are any of these ties broken?

  • Are there gaps, or can you see daylight, between the glass and the lead came that would let wind and rain into, and heat leak out of, the building?

  • Are there any cracks in the lead came or solder joints?

  • Do you hear any rattling as a result of external vibrations such as wind or pedestrian and vehicular traffic?

  • Are there any water issues or leakage around and through the windows?

  • Are any pieces of glass cracked, broken, shattered or missing?

  • Are any wooden window sills and frames rotting.

Remember a professional studio carries the liability insurance and workers comprehension. Any mistake by a person who does not work with glass may be an additional and a more costly mistake.

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