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How Many Ruffled Bowls Does One Need?

Over the years Cranberry has collected a variety of forms for slumping, casting, dropping and draping in both bisque and stainless steel along with a few other unique and useful items along the way.

Our personal stock of molds in constitutes a particularly large investment; especially since we have to import almost all of our “fusing molds” from the US. By the time you pay the dollar exchange, the shipping, brokerage and sometimes duty (depends on where the mold was made) you have spent a small fortune. Also, the return on purchasing the mold may not be so great when you figure just how may ruffled bowls you really need in your lifetime.

This conumdrum got me thinking. I have customers who want molds but don’t want to pay the retail prices in Canada. I have lots of molds in my inventory that are just not moving because of the expense, lack of return on investment, and justification of exactly how many times you will use this mold before you are tired of it. Hmmm….

30 plus years ago, I was an administrator for a large home health care supply company. A large part of our business was renting medical equipment to the general public. Walkers, commodes, bath seats, crutches…stuff that was not needed for the long term, was cycled around and rented out by the week.

A genius idea was born!

Remember renting VHS Movies and DVDs? 😊 Not so different with Fusing Molds!

  • Cranberry has expanded our offerings and has opened up our collection of fusing molds for our customers to rent.

  • We have an easy to follow rental contract with low weekly rates (about 15% of the retail price).

  • ​No more trying to justify the cost or wondering just how much use you really are going to get out of a particular form… just bring it back when you are done.

  • We also have the inventory to offer you choices of 200+ different molds.

  • ​Also, once this Rental Mold Program sets in and take hold, this program will allow Cranberry to invest in more interesting and newly released forms based on you requests.

  • Rental Molds and prices are listed on our website.

  • Molds will be available on 1 week contract with a rollover option. Credit card required.

  • Cranberry will still stock some of the basics like plate settings and platters for sale at reasonable prices.

Note: All molds must be sprayed with Boron Nitride Spray. Pay by the spray or purchase your own can available at Cranberry.

In an effort to service our customers, I think we have come up with a unique ans value-creating solution! Another first for Cranberry. I think there are a few other fused glass businesses keeping an eye on us and our new program.

Stainless Steel mold 14"

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