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Cranberry is a working studio that also sells supplies. We can’t catalogue or stock all the products available in the world of stained glass but we can list the items we use on a regular basis. If you do not see what you are looking for please contact us. We place orders regularly and are happy to bring in items especially for you. They will require full payment prior to ordering.


You won’t find prices in our catalogue because they are subject to change, which they do at an alarming rate. Quotes are available upon request.


Cranberry sends orders across the country using Canada Post and UPS, for which we charge a nominal handling fee plus the cost of shipping.


Glass can be shipped in Cranberry’s “Mini Cartons” which have been specially designed to protect the glass from breaking. The boxes take one square foot pieces of glass and will hold up to 15 pieces per box. $10 plus carrier charge.


Large items requiring transport truck shipping, like kilns and wooden “full crates” of glass can be “drop shipped” to your location. Prices vary and will be negotiated before any orders are placed.


Note: Ship at your own risk. There is no breakage insurance available when shipping glass. We package/crate it to the best of our ability and we are not responsible for any breakage.


Chemicals can be another issue. Some chemicals require special shipping because they are hazardous, and others can’t be shipped at certain time of the year because of extreme temperature concerns. You will be apprised of any restrictions at time of ordering.


To place an order or receive a price quote, email us at Contact Us. One of us will get back to you as soon as possible.


MSDS: Material Safety Data Sheets can be provided for specific items upon request.


Payment Methods: Credit cards in person or over the phone, cash, personal cheques, Cranberry Gift Cards, or e-payments.


All prices subject to HST.

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