One-On-One Instruction

Throughout the year, but particularly between late spring and Labour Day, Cranberry offers one-on-one versions of all our courses because it’s tough getting a class group together at a pre-scheduled time. We get lots of inquiries so we know the interest is out there, but the scheduling constraints are difficult for both students and instructors.

That being said, all the classes we offer are available one-on-one and can be scheduled collaboratively at yours and our convenience. Whether you want to do a weekend warrior, two days in a row, mornings, evenings, weekends or any combination...we might be able to accommodate you. However, there are some ground rules & restrictions.

As long as the course is offered during weekday studio hours, the price for one-on-one is an additional $100+tx above what is posted on our website. 

One-on-One outside of studio hours requires an additional $100+tx. (includes evenings and weekends) 

For example, if you want to take a one-on-one Beginner Stained Glass class on Tuesday evenings it will cost you $345+tx (regular fee) plus $100 for the one-on-one and an additional $100 for the evening commitment ($545+tx).


Note: Projects may completed more quickly than with a full group of 6 students and therefore not require 12 hours of class time to cover all the content.

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