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“Sharing Our Passion for Glass”  is our motto at Cranberry Stained Glass and it is obvious when it comes to the many services we offer to our customers.


We are proud Atlantic Canadians sourcing as many products and supplies as we can within our borders. In a world of technology, we offer face-to-face assistance and personalized advice. Stained glass is a visual art and our central location means many people can come to see for themselves the products they are looking for.


Our years of experience mean we have most of the answers to your questions and, if we don’t, we can connect you to someone who does. Never hesitate to Contact Us.



Pick-up & Delivery in Atlantic Canada

The Cran Van covers a lot of territory! If you require pick-up or delivery of anything stained glass, the Cran Van can come to the rescue. 


Distance and time charges will apply. Cranberry can provide an estimate, just ask.


The Cran Van was in beautiful and iconic Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia in this photograph.

Fusing Mold Rental Program

We have solved your problem of lack of selection of fusing molds. Cranberry has 200+ Fusing Molds in inventory for rent. Prices start at as low as $5 a week. Some restrictions apply.

More Mold Rental Information


Everything from privacy panels and sculpture to featuring your corporate brand, Cranberry works with a celebrated local sandblaster for all our sandblasting projects.
Designed and coordinated by Cranberry, prices vary according to the complexity of the project.

Stained Glass Repairs

Do you have something Grandma made or passed down that needs repair? Cranberry can do most stained glass repairs, big or small. Bring your item in for a quote and leave the repair to us. Studio hourly rates plus materials do apply. We track our time...if it is a 15 minute repair you pay for 1/4 hour.


Cranberry has special boxes designed to safely ship 12 to 15, square foot pieces of glass to the stained glass crafter. Shipping and handling include $10 per box plus the shipping costs via Canada Post, UPS or local courier.
Cranberry offers the services of crating and shipping your custom stained glass. We have successfully sent stained glass panels all over North America. Please discuss the details with Cranberry during the design/quote phase of your project.

Pattern Creating & Resizing

We are able to scan patterns from an 8 ½” x 11” sheet of paper, enlarge it, and print it on a large format printer (42” wide by however long you want it). We can even number the pieces for you. Straight forward patterns without any extra tweaking are sold by the linear foot.


Extras would include modifications such as: re-proportioning, adding borders, analyzing it for cut lines to suit your skill level, simplifying or, altering the pattern so you’re satisfied with the results. This service is charged at the hourly studio rate.

Equipment Repair

Living by the credo “necessity is the mother of invention” and with our do-it-yourself mentality, the Cranberry Crew has probably seen it all, from stuck grinder heads to wonky pattern shears.


Let us share our experience with you. Bring us your tools and equipment or send pictures to “Contact us” and we will be happy to try to diagnose the problem. We have access to parts for almost everything on the stained glass market, and even then we’ve been known to get creative.


Didn't buy it from Cranberry..No problem! We often see customers who inherit or purchase new and used stained glass equipment and kilns from other places. Cranberry can assess the condition of your purchase, suggest improvements and, in some cases, show you how to use it.


Appointments recommended. For large kiln consultations, a Kiln Specialist can come to you.

Mirror & Bevelling

Cranberry does sell 3mm and 5mm thick mirror by the square foot. However, we do not stock much in the studio because it scratches easily. We can order it and have it available for pick-up within a couple of days.
Beveled Mirror:
Add a little more sparkle to your space with specially-ordered, 5mm beveled mirror in silver or bronze. Your choice of  1”, ¾” or ½” deep bevel edge. Available shapes include: Rectangles and squares (min 6”),  or circles and ovals (min 24” diameter). Max size: 48” by 72”.  Ask Cranberry for more information about larger mirror sizes. Please allow for a week turnaround time.

Pattern Design Service

If you are not able to design your own stained glass pattern we are happy to do it for you. Just give us measurements and instruction and we can get creative. Pattern with 2 copies will be printed on our large format printer and pieces can be numbered. This service is charged at the studio hourly rate.

Cabinetry Glass

Whether you are a home owner or cabinetry contractor, Cranberry is your source for cabinet glass. We stock glass of many textures including those produced by Pilkington and other manufacturers.
We cut the glass to size and round the corners if required. Bring us your doors and we can install the glass with silicone or contractor-supplied gasket.

Glass Shelves & Protective Table Tops

Glass Shelves: Cranberry can custom order shelf glass in 5, 6 or 10mm thicknesses with one polished edge and the others arissed. We’ll help you determine the thickness required. Usually available within a week of ordering.


Protective Table Tops: Often used as a protective top for dining tables, desks, credenzas, end tables or coffee tables, this glass comes in 4, 5, and 6mm thicknesses. For the very best fit, templates are required for shapes other than relatively sharp cornered squares, rectangles and circles. Usually available within a week of ordering.

Garden Decor & Garden Stakes

Garden Decor:  Cranberry can make Custom Stepping Stones to handle Atlantic Canada’s harsh weather conditions. We have made numerous pet memorials, Mother’s Day gifts, and other custom-designed stones.


Mosaic table tops and bench tops on concrete patio furniture include, game boards, school emblems, mariner compasses, crazy cats, birds and more.


Garden Stakes:  Wrought iron stake frames made in Nova Scotia by a local artisan combined with a custom stained glass panel will brighten any garden or large flower pot.


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