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Ok, you are sitting out on your patio and there is not a lot of colour or interest. What could be more attractive than a beautifully mosaiced table to set your cold beer on?


Take a class to learn how to mosaic on any substrate. 

For the class you will be a making 2' round cement tabletop, Cranberry's design or yours. as long as it is approved by Lori before the class begins. These tables are suitable for outdoor applications.

Course materials are included: table top (the tabletop is sourced locally and there are several base options to choose from to suit the style of your mosaic design that can be purchased separately.), all glass, adhesives, grout and use of our tools. 

In addition there will be lots of discussion about mosaics on other substrates like glass on glass, glass on wood, and natural stone, weatherproofing,  and winter storage.


The course has a little different schedule. The first class is to get your design organized, start cutting mosaic pieces and setting up. You will have homework. 2-3 weeks later we will have the second and third class back to back. The second class be to adhere the mosaic onto the tabletop and the third class (usually the next day) will be to grout and finish.

Once you are finished you will be inspired to use up all your scrap glass or to dig through our economical scrap bins to create more beautiful mosaics!

Course cost: $280+hs

Course Calendar

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