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Many churches in Atlantic Canada experience structural damage to and/or loss of stained glass windows due to natural disasters such as, hurricanes, and floods, as well as some not so natural causes like fire and vandalism.


One of the main goals of Cranberry Stained Glass is the restoration and preservation of stained glass. We can provide a suggested protocol to follow if and when a disaster occurs. We are available to travel to the site, to aid with an assessment, to undertake possible onsite repairs, to remove the remaining glass, and to temporarily cover the opening(s).












At the very least, Cranberry suggests you have an action plan to follow in the event of a disaster. These are the basics of a recovery plan:


  • Assign a church/staff member to become the stained glass repair/restoration contact. This member will be responsible to act as the contact liaison between the organization and Cranberry during any projects related to your stained glass.

  • Contact your insurance agent to determine coverage and what protocol there is to trigger the claim processes.

  • It is prudent to have an off-site file containing detailed photographs of individual stained glass windows.In the event of a disaster, immediately take digital photos of each damaged window to document the window as a whole, areas of specific damage, details of damage to framing, tracery, protective coverings, etc. They clarify the situation for the insurance company and will help Cranberry prepare accurate estimates. This should be completed before boarding up or removing any of the damaged windows.

  • Label and identify, to the best of your ability, the location where each photograph was taken.

  • Gather as much of the broken glass as possible, keeping a record of where it came from, if you have that information. Do not throw anything away.

  • Cranberry can help with this process. Contact Us. Include a description of the event, how many windows appear to be damaged, and the names of any back-up contacts you can provide. We can send a representative to visit the site to more accurately assess the damage and to prepare detailed proposals for stained glass repairs/restoration.

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