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Custom work means we turn ours skills to meeting your needs.


How does it work? It starts with us listening carefully to your wishes and requirements. Can’t express them in words? We have pattern books, online resources and many years of experience dealing with every kind of request, such as:


  • Cabinet Doors

  • Privacy Windows in Bathrooms BIG Entryway Systems

  • Sealed/Triple-Glazed Window Units for New-Builds Glass

  • Table Tops Shelves

  • Hanging Dividers between Kitchen, Dining and Living rooms

  • Memorial Church Windows

  • Commemorative Dishes and Plates

  • Mosaic Garden Stones

  • Awards and Trophies

  • Counter and Stove Backsplashes

  • Lampshades

  • Gift Items to Celebrate Every Occasion

  • And too many more to list here.


If you're hesitant to ask, remember we’ve probably heard it more than once before; including the tearful man who asked that a few grains of his buddy’s ashes be incorporated into torch-worked beads for his children.


With a slight twist of Walt Disney’s words, “If you can dream it, we can do it.”, or we’ll connect you with someone who can. This is our way of “Sharing Our Passion for Glass”.


P.S. Ironically, Disney went on to say, “Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse.” Read in our CAD section just how important a different kind of mouse is for our work at Cranberry Stained Glass.


Feel free to Contact Us if you would like to discuss a custon piece.

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