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“Roughly, how much is all this going to cost?”, is a question we’re asked regularly.


The quick answer is, “It starts at about $270 per square foot.” A more accurate reply is, “That depends on a number of factors…”


Surprisingly, the cost of a stained glass panel is not determined so much by its size, not necessarily by the colour of the glass, but by the amount of work and time that goes into designing and making it. A recognizable hummingbird can be made using only five pieces of glass. A dozen pieces brings it to life! It also more than doubles the price of the hummingbird. You decide what your budget can bear.


In most cases, we begin by charging a non-refundable design fee of $200 that will be deducted from your final bill if you decide to go ahead with the project. Once we’ve worked our magic on the computer designing a pattern and adding colour choices, we are able to email you a very good rendition of the finished product along with a quote. Our CAD program allows us to tweak your design until you’re satisfied with it. Before we proceed, you’ll be asked for a deposit of 50% of the total remaining. (The design and pattern remains the property of Cranberry.)


Our custom designs are one of a kind and will not be duplicated for anyone else.


One of Cranberry’s goals is to help people appreciate the many steps required to turn a sheet of glass into a hand-crafted work of art.


Contact Cranberry to arrange a time to discuss your custom stained glass  wishes and we will try to work within your budget.











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