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You are always welcome to drop in and see what we are all about. As a working studio, the experience is very hands-on, and we believe in traditional craftsmanship which carries over into everything we do. We are passionate about SHARING OUR PASSION FOR GLASS!






102 Chain Lake Dr.
Vantage Point 1A
Halifax, Nova Scotia,


B3S 1A7


T: (902) 876-5167
TF: (866) 377-5167
FX: (902) 876-7132





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Fall & Winter 2021-2022

Monday,Tuesday, Wendesday*, Thursday & Friday: 9am-4:30pm


Weekends & Evenings: by appointment or come-by-chance. 

I really try to make Wednesdays my appointment / installation day when there is the possibility that I will not be physically in the studio. I will have my cell phone with me and all studio calls will be forwarded to it. I will also try to communicate up to the moment scheduling updates via Website Calendar, social media and by leaving a "Returning By" sign in the door with my cell phone number. The best practice will be to call before you come particularly on Wednesdays.


Otherwise by appointment


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