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This is a series of courses designed with the experienced fuser in mind – artisans who want to learn uncommon tricks and techniques that will allow them to create work that’s outstanding!


Each series will focus on at least one advanced technique, an in depth focus on the firing schedule required for that particular technique, safety, cold working, edge design techniques, design and colour considerations.


Series 1: Pattern Bars Plus


Series 2: Stacking, Damming, Circle-in-Circle, Inclusions and Reactive Glass


Series 3: Strip Construction and Raking


Series 4: Pot and Mesh Melts, Drop Forms


Series 5: Additional advanced topics based on specific student interests.


Because of the possible range in project selection the fee for this class does not include glass or mold material if you choose to make your own form.


Class size: Max. 3 Students

Base Price: $175 +tx


Dates & Times will be based on firing schedule demands and project details. For more information Contact Us.

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