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Why Cranberry?

We are asked this all the time!


Ever since Lori was a little girl, her eye has always gone toward anything cranberry coloured. Even to this day, it is still safe to say that fuchsia is her favorite colour!


Known as: Cranberry Glass, ‘Gold Ruby’, or ‘Rubino Oro’, is a dark pink/red (fuchsia) glass made by adding gold (III) chloride to molten glass during production.


Historically, cranberry glass has been made in craft production rather than in large quantities, due to the high cost of gold. The glass is typically hand blown or molded by highly skilled hot glass blowers.


The glass is used primarily in expensive decorations. These items are highly collectable and sought after. Almost everyone’s grand mother had a coveted piece of cranberry glass that she hoped would become a treasured family heirloom.


Cranberries, “the actual berry” are related to the blueberry, both typically grown in the north east part of North America. Atlantic Canada has hundreds of cranberry bogs, wild and cultivated that are farmed and picked for a variety of commercial and artisan product!


The comfort factor with cranberry is also important. That rich red colour of cranberry sauce is often present as part of the dining table landscape, and lot of people associate cranberries with the holidays and happy family gatherings. Lori gets the warm cozy feeling when she uses her grand mother’s cranberry glass dish every time she serves cranberry sauce, with Thanksgiving, Christmas meals or any other special occasion.


In all practicality, the colour itself is not a “warm” colour or a “cool” colour but rather on the border creating a balance.


So, Lori’s favorite colour of all time, intensity, specialty blown glass, historically recognized, high quality, collectable, family heirloom potential, very local feel, synonymous with family welcoming comfort.


…And that is why we are called Cranberry Stained Glass.


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